Designer Profiles: Lauren Dixon


Lauren Dixon

Showroom Manager
Meghan Blum Interiors

Our showroom manager and resident fashionista, Lauren Dixon, is an integral part of the Meghan Blum Interiors team. While not an interior designer herself, Lauren keeps the ball moving on all of our projects, works with our vendor accounts and adds her creative sparkle to our studio and installs. Get to know her in the interview below!

What inspires you in design?

Texture is the most captivating part of design for me, it adds so much depth to a space. You could have neutral room turn flat but when you incorporate different textures it really comes alive.

Favorite design splurge?

Hands down, my favorite design splurge is a sofa! To me my sofa is what makes my house a home. There is nothing better than cozying into one over and over again.

What traits do you admire most in others?

Being a designer means you have to have confidence in your ideas and trust your vision. You have to know it will all come together beautifully for your customer. That inner confidence is what I am admire most about the women I work with; they believe in themselves.

What is one color you never tire of?

I never tire of black or white; I have always and will always love their simplicity. Our motto, “Wear Black, Paint White,” describes me perfectly.

How do you unwind after a long day?

I love to be in the kitchen, making my best dishes or learning to make new ones. There is nothing better to me than taking my time in the kitchen without noise; it’s very relaxing for me.

I can never have too many…

Lipsticks! There are so many shades to be had and I love them all!

What is your favorite part of your job?

Part of my role at MBI is to make sure things go smoothly on the backend in order to best serve our clients. What I love about that is I get a bit of insight into all our projects and their moving parts. Each home has a different story and I love getting to learn about them all.

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