Designer Diaries: The Master Bathroom Taking Shape

Designer Diaries - Master Bath.001.jpeg

Things have been a whirlwind at the tudor since January. I feel like so much progress has been made that now I need to hurry and catch everyone up. So today I’m giving a status report on the master bathroom.

I wanted to create a calming space with interest and depth layered into the materials. Trying to match the age of the house to the feel of the space was pretty easy with this one—luxury design with classic pieces make this space feel like it was meant to be this grand originally.


I love the large patterned tile on the floor. It adds some interest but still goes along with the serene feeling.


We tweaked the layout a little but not a ton. The shower stayed in the same spot but we did make room for an amazing soaking tub. I’ve never had one and I’m super excited for it.

The shower was tucked in a curved nook and in a good location so we didn't change it. The curve wall did make for a challenge in my tile selection. I went with a small subway tile and ran it vertically so it could make the radius turn.

We added amazing built-in cabinets along the sink wall. After including them in client designs, it’s so fun to see the space transform with my own—they keep everything right on hand while keeping things out of sight.


I wanted to carry out the details I've used so many places in the house to create cohesion and that feeling that the house was always meant to look this way. One way I brought this vision into the master bathroom was by adding a unique backsplash to the vanity.


I can’t wait to see this room with the paper off the floor and the sink fixtures installed.

Stay tuned for next week’s Designer Diaries to see tons of progress all at once in a special edition of DD.

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