Designer Diaries: The Powder Bath Design


There’s so much grandeur in this old home. We’re redoing the finishes and updating the style but the original character is something we want to preserve and highlight. I love considering the age and era of the house when designing each room. One place I’ve always loved making a surprising statement in my clients’ homes is the powder room. It’s a little space that packs a huge punch. I wanted to make the same statement in our own renovation (while also making it practical for the day to day).

Our house was built in 1915. Bringing back traditional elements while adding a bit of modern style, meant finding the right fixtures, materials and finishes. It was a puzzle that I think we finally solved. I found this gorgeous Walker Zanger tile and things started unfolding from there. We’re going to have a gold leaf ceiling and painted black trim. It’s going to make such an unexpected statement when new guests come over. The “wow” factor is such a satisfying feeling.

Meghan BlumComment