Designer Diaries: Inspired Design


Most of the time, separating work from family life is essential for a small business owner—especially when married to another small business owner—but in the case of renovating our tudor, it’s so nice that my work-life can help the design process of my personal project. Having a showroom and design studio full of gorgeous material samples allows me to set hardware, wallpaper, furniture images, tile, etc. aside when I come across a potential design element for my own house. I’ll be looking for the perfect upholstery options for a client and see something that inspires me for the renovation. At the end of the week, I have a good little pile of pieces to sort through and possibly use for our home.


And few times during this process, work I’ve done on my own home comes in handy when a client asks for a design element that they’ve seen on the blog. It makes me even more excited to have our house progress and finish up to showcase design ideas I’ve always wanted to try and hopefully get to do with clients in the future. While I’ll be excited to have my home ready to live in, for now I’m looking for the benefits of designing for a living and designing on the side. Happy February everyone!

Meghan BlumComment