Designer Diaries: The Process

Sharing my home progress each week has been so fun. You’ve all been so encouraging with your responses. I think for some readers, it’s been really eye opening how the design process works. How much time things take and how much thought goes into each step. Since that’s been an interest, today's Designer Diaries isn’t about my house but a home we are working on and about how designers bring ideas to life.

There can be some confusion about the difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer. Designers are more than just that last layer of fluff of paint and fabrics. Many of MBI's projects start long before you are thinking of those details. They begin at the 2D phase when you put the pen to the paper and start drawing up a home with the architect. This particular project we began 3 years ago and are finally getting to add that final layer of furniture next week.

This project had a two story living room and the client wanted a feature and unique detail. So, I showed them these pictures. How about we do a huge barrel vault? Full speed ahead and that is what we did.


We were questioned on it a few times by the builder and framers. It's complex and expensive to build but we knew it would have that wow impact we were after. It's one of my favorite parts of the home and I am so glad it worked. 


This was not an easy project. It was incredibly difficult for the trim carpenters to add wood to it. Wood doesn't curve very easily. Early on they built a two-story platform so the trim carpenters could trim it and the painters could paint it.


Thoughtful, engaged design makes for incredible spaces. Had my client only worked with a builder on this stage of the process and hired an interior designer to finish up with furniture and accessories, this statement in the living room would not be here. (Though I am more than excited to get to add those things this next week!)

My home is a little different, being a renovation of an old home instead of this new build but the idea is the same. The process is long and tedious but the result is something that will last forever. As I work with kitchen designers and contractors on my home, allowing their expertise to guide some decisions is important. By the time the renovation is over, we will have all put our very best into making this home its very best.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to follow along next week as we prepare for install day!

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