Designer Diaries: Getting Through the Mess

The new year tends to spark extra blog posts about cleaning, redecorating and organization. I love reading that content each year to get inspired for my own space. This year is a little different. With one house on the market and the other house in the throws of renovation, there’s not much to clean, redecorate, organize. In fact, the new house is so under construction that it’s a task just to keep from getting covered in dust when I go there to check in.

With every renovation project, there’s always something flat changed from the original plan like I said in the master bathroom post last week, it’s allowing me to be in my clients’ shoes a bit more when it happens at the Tudor. There has been more than one occasion where I come to check on progress and am like, “Oh I didn't know that was getting taken out…" Things are done because it will make it easier for the electrician, installing the drywall, the trim, etc. and as hard as it is for those surprises to happen, it’s something we just have to take in stride.


Demo means progress even if it feels and looks chaotic for a bit. Changes are happening to allow the space to reach its potential and that’s such a good thing.

Meghan BlumComment