Inspiration for a New Year & DIY Mood Board

I love the feeling of a new year. Projects that have been going on for awhile feel fresh again and new projects start to take shape. After the Christmas decorations come down, homes are primed for a makeover—big or small. Whether you’re looking to do a major overhaul or a simple re-styling, everything begins with inspiration. When we work with clients at MBI, one of the first things we do is figure out what styles and pieces speak to them. Vision and mood boards are the best ways to communicate style. Create your own mood board—on the computer, tangibly or both—to organize your own design ideas.

Filter Through the Files

Do you have a collection of magazine clippings or saved images from Pinterest? Is there a design book that speaks to you? Do you have a bunch of paint chips in the color scheme you’re drawn to? Take a picture of your favorite outfit. Find all of the places you’ve stored anything and everything interior design/personal style and bring them all together to find commonality. Chances are, there’s a theme that can be connected through the files.

Pick Up the Pieces

Putting together a mood board can take two different forms—digital and tangible. For tangible boards, source materials samples, print out inspirational and product images, add in non-interior elements that have a style or vibe you’re looking for, etc. Samples usually have to be special ordered if you’re pulling the space together on your own but don’t forget that our showroom has a million swatches and samples (not to mention expertise!) to use.


For a digital mood board, a Pinterest board, a desktop folder or a composite document can be used to pull ideas together. We love Adobe Photoshop or even a simple word processor to pull images together.

OB-Beach Bungalow, Beach Living A.jpg

No matter your timeline, the scope of the project, having help from an interior design firm, the budget, etc. starting with a mood board is always helpful to narrow in on what the space should look like and how it should feel.

Here’s to investing time and thoughtfulness into our homes. May they work better and look their best by the end of the year because of the inspiration brought on by the new year. Happy 2019!

Meghan BlumComment