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This edition of In Blum features Meghan Blum Interiors Designer, Jessi Economos. Jessi has been with MBI for 2 and a half years and has brought her great taste and sophisticated style with her. Jessi is currently renovating her first home with her husband and loves getting to be the client as well as the designer. Today she's sharing what she's seeing on trend and In Blum -- Brass and wallpaper.

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I know, I know, you just got rid of it.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if you have recently experienced a sense of relief with the total removal of the wallpaper and shiny brass. "Yes it's gone!" Every doorknob, hinge, light fixture and bathroom pull in your house was the same finish: Brass. You worked so hard to get it out and it was EVERYWHERE. The finish that was "it" and then very NOT "it."  

I'll go ahead and start out by saying I'm sorry - IT'S BACK. For those of you out there who haven't taken the step to remove the brass yet feel free to have a little party right now. You, my friend, are unintentionally ahead of the times. Nice work! This time around, things have been updated a bit.  The ultra-shiny, see-every-fingerprint kind of brass has been replaced with a more subtle satin finish. It's really lovely.  

What I am loving as a designer is what we call metal mixology. You aren't tied down to having only one metal finish in your house anymore. Of course, you need to be specific with where and how you use the different metals, but the sky is really the limit. I love that this guarantees the design to be more timeless. Typically you have one finish that is really popular for a limited time, and then it switches. Mixing your metals is a surefire way to stay up to date and fashion forward in your home. 

For the skeptics out there, maybe its just add a few little gold accessories to open shelving or a fun gold frame or two into your gallery wall. Don't be afraid to use silver finishes right along side the gold!  

Light fixtures are such fun way to make a statement. I really believe this is an area of design that gets the short end of the stick budget wise. It is absolutely SO impactful. It's jewelry for the home. 

A subtle touch of brass is easily incorporated through nail-heads or hardware on furniture. Classic and subdued accents like this that are carefully thought out and designed will give your home a more custom look.

If you haven't shuttered yet, please prepare yourself--wallpaper is back as well and it is huge! This may surprise you, but we are incorporating it into almost every project we put out! It's so fun to bring texture and pattern into powder bathrooms, dining rooms or even laundry room ceilings. To ease your anxiety, it is supposed to be WAY easier to take down this time around!  --Jessi

Image via  Home Bunch

Image via Home Bunch

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