The Inside Scoop from High Point Market

High Point has always been one of my favorite events and places for inspiration for design. It’s an interior overload in the best way. I’ve missed 3 markets since Harrison was born so I was so excited to get to go back this year and soak up all the innovative ways designers and vendors are bringing design to life. Not only was this a special year because it had been awhile for me, I also got to take two other MBI designers with me: Kaitlyn & Jessi.


We compiled the trends we saw most often and the ones we loved and I’m sharing those with you today! Here’s the inside scoop from High Point Market 2018.


Everything is still very neutral but as color enters the market it's coming in single pieces and used sparingly. Crimson red was an accent on a single chair etc in several showrooms.

Green was huge! Lots of showrooms incorporated green into their design and I have a feeling it will only be stronger next market. It's not a soft subtle green either. It's bold and has a personality.

Blush is still going strong as a mix between a strong accent color and a subtle neutral depending on how it’s used.


We saw a lot of texture and raffia on upholstery pieces. This was a favorite and something I'd really love to incorporate into a new design. Woven materials on all furniture pieces was a trend at High Point. We saw this consistently in many showrooms! 


Options, options, options—the sky's the limit in the furniture world and if you can dream it we can make it! This was a huge theme at High Point: it’s not just about ordering from the new line anymore. Leather welt on furniture was one of those custom elements. It’s a unique detail added to many furniture pieces we saw there.

High Point was wonderful and I’m so glad the three of us were able to go. It’s also good to be back and start processing through what things really spoke to us to start to incorporate into our designs.

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