Tailgating in Style Part 1

What’s not to love about the beginning of fall? All the girls in the office are hot coffee drinkers, cozy fabric lovers and love to entertain. There’s so much to be excited for this season. Beyond our upcoming consults, reveals, photoshoots and everything in between at work, we’re also excited about college football season being in full swing.

Somehow everyone in our firm graduated from the amazing design programs at Iowa State University so we’re Cyclones by default but growing up in the state of Iowa also has made us love cheering on the Hawkeyes—and as long as they aren’t playing each other, there’s no conflict with that in our eyes!


Football games and tailgating are a bit different for us now. Instead of the cheap hot dogs on a paper plate, putting together a tailgate or viewing party can be thoughtful, fun, tasty and even…beautiful. We created two setups for football fun—one outdoors for home games and one inside for away and colder temperature games. Today we’re sharing our outdoor spread that’s as easy as opening up the back of the SUV. Don’t miss tomorrow’s post where we unveil our favorite indoor party tips and a video of how I love to set up for the football season.



Who needs a bunch of folding tables or a pop up tent? In a single parking space, you can set up a full buffet and hang out area. Transport the food in coolers and bins but once you’re parked, open the hatch—simply create the spread in the back of the vehicle using crates, pedestals and containers to add visual height to the composition. A floral element is always a great way to fill in negative space.



Look for opportunities to add special details to the design of the party—whether it’s indoors or from the trunk of a car. Striped fabric, astroturf, wooden elements, silver trophies, spirited buntings and football inspired accents are all simple selections that add cohesion to the design. Glass lidded containers makes food easy to serve, looks great and also keeps the bugs away.



Celebrate great plays with a little bubbly from the bar. A small table for drinks and cutlery keeps the food spread from getting cluttered and adds another fun spot to bring school pride. Get specific on the team you’re cheering for with table markers filled with mascot logos.

Lauren DayComment