Baby Blum #2 + A Nursery Design Board

We are busy as ever in the studio working on lots of fun projects but I've been busy working on a very special project! My favorite kind of project because it's so personal. It's for the nursery of baby #2 at our home. We are over the moon and Big Brother Victor is even more excited! We're expecting our newest family member in mid-July and are getting everything set up as quickly as possible.

You may have noticed I haven't revealed the gender yet. We kept the arrival of Victor a surprise to us and everyone else and we are doing the same for Baby Blum #2. This means that the nursery needs to be gender neutral until the baby comes. While you would think that the unknown would drive me nuts being a designer, it is really the best surprise and so worth the wait! I'm giving the new baby a sweetly styled nursery with luxe pieces with a transitional feel. I'm layering whites, creams and tan neutrals for now and will add accents with a little pink or blue when we know the sex. The design features a lot of fun textures and materials for Baby Blum to explore as they become more mobile. 

I'll be sharing the progress of the nursery soon! We're also working on Victor's Big boy room which I'll share too. Excited to share these special spaces with you all!

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