8 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

April is spring cleaning month. The weather is warmer (though it has been raining nonstop here lately!) and it just makes sense to revitalize the spaces that have been a little neglected during the winter. But spaces don't just need cleaning -- they need to come alive, be inspired and feel fresh. And that doesn't have to cost much.

We're big supporters of complete design overhauls when it's time and in the budget but rejuvenating a space doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars. These 8 ideas can be implemented in just a weekend. Spend a little time breathing life back into your rooms and your home will thank you.

Image from  DHD Architecture

Image from DHD Architecture

1. CLEAN SLATE - while this isn't a spring cleaning post, every beautiful room has to start off clean. Take the time to really look at your room with new eyes to see what could be improved. This list covers all those areas we tend to forget about. Spoil yourself and hire a deep cleaning professional or save money and do it yourself!

2. PAINT BY NUMBERS - New paint helps in a multitude of ways. The room you wished you spent more time in might need a new wall color. Choose a hue that works with your existing furniture pieces and artwork. We love this palette if you don't know where to start.

3. REARRANGE THE SPACE - It's incredible how a room can take on a completely different look with a different arrangement of furniture. If your room doesn't have a good flow to it, try moving a few pieces to see what it does. Here's a guide to help.

4. SWAP OUT DECOR - One of the best ways to give a room an update is by replacing some of the decorative elements. Pillows, throws, sculptural objects, etc. are a more cost effective swap than replacing rugs and furniture. Pillows and cushions are the best kept secret for introducing pattern or color in a space without feeling the weight of a costly investment. This guide is perfect for finding pillows that play well together while giving a space a more current feel.

5. ADD GREENERY - Plants make a room feel complete and bring a freshness that furniture and accessories just can't. Plus, they make the air quality in your home better. Find beautiful pots and plant stands here and learn to take care of your plants here.

6. REORGANIZE & STYLE - If you have open bookshelves in your home, spending some time making them beautiful as well as functional can change their entire impact on a room. Books, photos, vases and objects can be styled in a way that displays your interests best. It's not an easy art but this article makes it more approachable.

7. CREATE A FLORAL CENTERPIECE - If anything says spring, it's a large, romantic vase of flowers. These stems can come from your backyard garden or the local florist. Using a vase you already own and arranging the blooms yourself, you'll get to customize the way it looks and save money. Use this gorgeous arrangement how-to as a jumping off point.

8. MAKE ORDER - When you're working hard to make the rest of your home orderly, use the opportunity to let go of things that add clutter to closets, drawers and the pantry. Sort through files, papers and cards. Organize closets, cupboards and your workspace. Purge anything that isn't used or important. Use this list to get motivated.

You won't always need a professional designer to makeover your space. These 8 improvements can make a huge impact on the feeling of your home. And when you do need a designer, I am always happy to consult with you about your project needs.